By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

Ecclesiastical Buildings

This section describes our work on public churches and cathedrals. Peter Hare and Paul Humphreys have been working on ecclesiastical buildings for over 40 years and have developed particular expertise in this field.

H&H projects have ranged from St Paul’s Cathedral to local parish churches and the scope of work can be anything from the installation of a new decorative scheme, or the care of a small country church requiring lime wash, through to extensive conservation work.

Churches contain some of the finest decorative finishes, such as gilding, carving and polychromy. Hare & Humphreys craftsmen have the traditional skills required to create and/or conserve all these finishes.

H & H work hard to create the right balance between conserving decoration and achieving the right aesthetic quality, in order to enhance the worship of the congregation and its individuals. Our experts understand the importance of the decoration within an ecclesiastical building to enhance the spiritual experience.

This work is carried out nationwide and overseas and has included The Church of Holy Sepulcher some 15 years ago and, more recently, our role in restoring colour and light into the interior of the Russian Orthadox Cathedral in London.