High-end interior design

Our team of highly skilled painters, decorators, gilders and conservators can handle very diverse projects, from restoring a listed building to creating bespoke finishes in contemporary interiors. Our range of interior design finishes cover for example painting, graining, gilding, trompe l’oeil, polished plasters, wallpaper and embossed leather. We love helping you translate your ideas and projects into reality: come and see us at our workshop and showroom in Kensington and we will be working on bespoke samples for you.

Furniture restoration

Our team of experts can bring furniture back to life, such as this console we recently worked on in our workshop.

Architectural Paint Research

Architectural Paint Research (APR) is a process whereby we can determine through examining various layers of the paint the original decoration of an element in a room or building. It is an important tool to determine not just the colours, but also the paint used and when each scheme was carried out. Using this method, you can also work out the dates a door or a window might have been installed by counting how many layers of paint have been added compared to the rest of the room.


Should you need any help on defining your color scheme or improving your decorative painting techniques, we would be delighted to help you. Recently, for example, we have been collaborating with the Drapers’ Company on a new colour scheme for their livery hall.