By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

Specialist Finishing & Gilding

At Hare & Humphreys we take pride in assessing and instigating the accurate and authentic method of approach to our works.

We specialise in the traditional techniques of decorative conservation and consolidation on fragile surfaces, we hand mix distempers, water soluble oil and lead based paints and create from new, or reinstate, in the appropriate decorative style.

We are acknowledged craftsmen in water and oil gilding, trompe l’oeil and mural painting, french polishing, sign writing, fabric walling and polished plaster. All these techniques are essential elements in restoration of authentic historic building interiors, but can also be used to create modern effects.

We draw on the wealth of skills of our staff in utilising these techniques to recreate, conserve or develop schemes in historic and contemporary situations. Often our craftsmen will combine several techniques together in order to create unique schemes. This can range from something very simple, to elaborate artworks and murals. It could also be embellishment of an existing whole scheme which has been cleaned or restored.

The individual hand of the Hare & Humphreys craftsmen and artisans create unique effects and individualism for each client’s scheme, as well as ensuring technical superiority and paramount quality of workmanship.