By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

Conservation & Restoration

Conservation and restoration are a major element of Hare & Humphreys projects, and our unique approach is guided by the professional experience and craft skills that assist us to deliver our conservation philosophy.

Within the company there is a body of tradition and deep understanding of the history of the decoration that we are are privileged to restore. Our philosophy is to appreciate and evaluate the interventions that have happened since the original work, and to develop with our client a clear vision of the practical and aesthetic goal that we wish to achieve.

In short our success is is born from our links to decoration and craftsmanship, which informs the way in which our projects are carried out; as well as objectively evaluating the materials and restoration options that will impact on the schemes we are working with. This understanding and appreciation enables us to truly enhance the buildings that we work on.

Our clients are reassured that a conservation approach is always of paramount importance. We frequently employ graduates who are trained in the most recent techniques for cleaning and consolidation of materials, and this ensures that our approach is always current. Along with this is a professional approach to managing and programming projects, based on extensive site experience. We successfully deliver our projects by relying on a team of conservators that are encouraged to bring their experience, practical skills and appreciation to the project, and have the professional confidence that the work can be completed as visualised.