By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

Public Buildings

Hare & Humphreys frequently carry out extensive projects on theatres, galleries, local and national government buildings, royal palaces and monuments. Our work on public, ecclesiastical buildings is covered in a separate part of this site.

The works requirement for these larger public buildings can include anything from designing and implementing major new decorative schemes for the whole building, to maintenance of historic decoration.

All H&H work is fully insured and all staff are security cleared to work on, or in, government buildings. We achieved Safe Contractor status in ???. Our staff are very accustomed to going into working establishments where there is a requirement to work as quietly and neatly as possible, to ensure minimum disturbance or disruption to property owners or the working environment.

In addition, Hare & Humphreys can provide advice on techniques and materials to public clients on a consultancy basis. We find that we are often helping and assisting public servants to understand and look after their buildings. We can advise about a huge range of things relating to technical or design issues relevant to a particular conservation or restoration project. Where possible we help and enable them to make good decisions that are appropriate for them and the project. The importance of a close bond between the client, or potential client, and Hare & Humphreys at this stage is critical, as they will be tapping into the knowledge and experience of the H & H staff that has been built up over many years working in this specialist sector. The development of trust and reaffirmation that Hare and Humphreys is the appropriate company to satisfy the needs of their particular project immediately, or in the future, are often cemented at this stage.

We are proud to have worked on Downing College Theatre, Royal Opera House, National Gallery and British Museum as well as the Palace of Westminster, Lancaster House and Marlborough House.

In addition our work at Windsor Castle was honoured with the award of the Royal Warrant in 2001. Kensington Palace and The Monument have also been subject to significant work by Hare and Humphreys in recent years.