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Historic Buildings

All of the Hare and Humphreys team is highly experienced in working in historic & listed buildings. Such buildings require flexibility to respond to the demands and unique challenges of working with historic building fabric, where encountering “unknown” elements in the building can be commonplace and a problem-solving approach is often required.

As major exponents on this sector, H & H staff are used to working under the demanding conditions imposed on historic building sites by Listed Building Consent regulations. They are familiar with the necessity to take care of historic building fabric and materials at all times.

H & H can also provide supporting evidence to accompany LBC applications and discuss different approaches with the relevant authorities. Adding gravitas to these processes and confidence to the client to forward their proposal is an important part of our role at the earliest stages of a project. Historic buildings require a huge variety of skills and techniques that H & H staff have in abundance.

Working and being aware of discoveries/revelations as you go along can be critical. This would include being able to recognise asbestos, anthrax in lime plaster or lead paints. The skills to identify such hazards are often unique to people used to working in historic buildings.

Making the most of a historic building in presentation terms requires an understanding of that building and an holistic approach to the use of colour, materials and the provision of bespoke solutions.