By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

Contemporary Clients

Often overshadowed by our reputation within historic buildings, a significant element of Hare & Humphreys work is of a contemporary and creative nature.

It is said that the art of good decoration is within the preparation. This is of course accurate to a point, but the creation of sharp contemporary finishes will not be achieved without the skilled craftsman understanding the required finish and applying the paints with great dexterity.

Smooth finishes with clean lines are extremely demanding but hugely satisfying and our company has earned great respect for producing the highest of standards, transforming “simple decoration” to an art form to be admired and respected.

Beautiful to look at and wonderful to touch, from flat single colour paints to smooth lustre sheen, from gloss lacquered finishes to solid gilt wall sections, the harmony gained with such work can be both aesthetically and emotionally rewarding to the owner as well as the craftsman.

For leading interior designers, galleries and private clients alike our team can be relied on time after time to produce something very special.