By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

Project: St Pancras Hotel

Client: Midland Hotel
Services: Painting, Gilding, Stencilling, Decorative surfaces conservation, Signwriting, colour mixing
Awards: The Guardian - St Pancras Renaissance Hotel: The rebirth of a gothic masterpiece

St Pancras International remains one of the greatest Victorian buildings in London and Hare and Humphreys were privileged to have worked on the interior restoration and decoration.

The decoration is a careful reinstatement of the original. This was based on meticulous research uncovering the decoration which had beeen painted over with layers of modern paints and to analyse the pigments so as to determine the original colours. Armed with this research we recreated the colours and decoration to the Grand Staircase, The Dining Rooms and the highly decorated 1st floor corridor walls and ceiling.