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Client: Historic Royal Palaces
Services: Painting; Gilding; Decorative surfaces conservation and restoration; Technical Advice
Recent Press:

Recent Press:
Henry VIII’s Astronomical Clock at Hampton Court Palace (video)
Historic Royal Palaces
Kings Beasts

Hare & Humphreys have carried out several projects at Hampton Court in conjunction with the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession to the throne.

Henry VIII commissioned the Great Astronomical Clock for the central courtyard of Hampton Court Palace around 1540 and today it is one of the most significant late-medieval clocks in existence. It consisted of three elaborately painted and gilded copper dials set in a decorative stone frame, powered by a mathematically complex gearing mechanism. Careful conservation work was carried out to the painted surfaces, along with restoration of some painted areas in order to bring back the rich colours.

Hare and Humphreys were also involved in the Tudor garden, when we were asked to paint and gild elaborately carved beasts in heraldic colours.