By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Decorators and Gilders Hare & Humphreys Ltd

About Us

H & H are the market leaders in historic building interior decoration and restoration, with an increasingly important decorative conservation business.

The company was founded by Peter Hare & Paul Humphreys in 1987 during the prestigious re-instatement of Spencer House in London. Following the Windsor Castle fire in 1992, Her Majesty the Queen awarded Hare & Humphreys Ltd the Royal Warrant.

Within a converted tram yard, H&H’s studio and workshops are located in the heart of London’s fashionable WC1. The company now has 4 directors and a gifted management team with extensive experience within their own sectors, restoring, creating and executing decorative schemes in some of the finest properties, cathedrals and churches, national monuments and public buildings in the world.

From our London base we employ and manage between 40 and 60 highly qualified and experienced craftmen and artisans. They work on decorative and interior restoration schemes for historic buildings or residences, as well as ecclesiastical buildings and public buildings. We are also asked to work on some more modern, large country houses, townhouses and flats; where superior or specialist decorative effects may be combined with the Hare and Humphreys “holistic” approach to decorative schemes.

Our unique approach combines professional advice, historical knowledge, aesthetics and practical flair, to make the realisation of all our projects extremely special and satisfying for our clients.

Hare & Humphreys knowledge and responsible approach means that clients see us as partners, as well as facilitators of their decorative or conservation schemes. They trust us to challenge the norm where necessary and utilise the latest technology, in order to make recommendations and fulfil each scheme, according to the parameters set. Once implementation of a scheme starts they find that all our staff work effectively as a team to ensure effective management, timeliness and superb decorative finishes, restoration or conservation success.

Hare and Humphreys were granted the Royal Warrant as high quality, decorators and gilders specialising in historic buildings and projects requiring the best workmanship.

Our Royal Warrant

Hare and Humphreys were granted the Royal Warrant as high quality, decorators and gilders specialising in historic buildings and projects requiring the best workmanship.

Our company’s commitment to excellence, in both training and production was rewarded when we were granted the Royal Warrant as “gilders and decorators” by appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth 11 in 2001. The Royal Warrant was awarded for the work that H&H completed on the restoration and decoration of Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and has been inhabited continuously for about 1000 years. The major fire that occured in November 1992 destroyed nine principal rooms and damaged over 100 additional rooms that together covered some 20% of the total floor area.

The restoration of the castle took five years and was the greatest historic building project to have been undertaken in this country in the twentieth century.

Our expertise as gilders and fine decorators was required again in connection with the Royal Household when we were proud to be asked to research, design and complete major art and gilding work on the development and completion of the Royal Barge Gloriana which sailed in the Thames River Pagent in June 2012.