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Our Team

Hare and Humphreys employ a large team of professional staff, decorators, conservators and artists.


Our directors are all active within the business, all have a passion for decoration and working with our clients.

Paul Humphreys FRSA (Chairman): With over 40 years experience in the industry, Paul has led the restoration and redecoration of many of Britain’s finest palaces, churches and stately homes. His unique and extensive knowledge of the materials, techniques and history of decorating is valued by private clients and interior design teams alike. Within the company his great depth of experience provides the stability and distinction of a respected company chairman. Paul regularly demonstrates to students and societies on historic colours and traditional paints. Contact Paul on 020 7833 8806 or on

Saul de Jesus

Jean-Baptiste Bonhoure

Project Management

Project Management

We have a team of highly skilled project managers who look after all our clients needs on site - please email them on

Office Manager

Our office, legal and administration manager is Bryan Houston LLB(Hons). Bryan oversees all office and administrative duties, general enquiries and occasional legal matters. If you are unsure who to speak with within H&H or have any other general enquiries, please contact Bryan on 020 7833 8806 or on

Site Team

We employ a large site-based team of up to seventy skilled decorators, gilders, artists, conservators, signwriters and researchers, together with specialist subcontractors who become part of our team for multi-disciplinary projects.


The continuity of a thriving skills within base Hare and Humphreys can only be guaranteed through the implementation of regular traditional craft apprenticeships. Our training programmes enable us to teach significant but otherwise vanishing techniques and support the development of skills within the industry.

There are 3 main routes to joining H & H for full time employment:

As an apprentice – we normally take three per year out about 10-12 applicants from students that have completed the first year of their NVQ level 3 in painting and decorating.
Graduates from conservation, art or design backgrounds who have proven practical abilities and ideally some site based experience.
Experienced decorators, artists or craftsmen
In addition we may from time to time offer 3 week work placements to give work experience in a site based setting. This is aimed at students or recent graduates in conservation or art/design.

Apprenticeship and Improvership

Apprenticeship and Improvership

Hare and Humphreys award three annual apprenticeships. They offer the successful applicant an introduction to all aspects of specialist decoration. Currently the apprenticeship takes three years. This consists of work experience and attendance at a technical college to gain NVQ certification 1,2,& 3. Further qualification opportunities are available where relevant.

Apprentices receive annual increments and a task award bonus on the successful completion of each level. Their progress is constantly monitored and assessments are regularly made.
Within 7 years the apprentice is expected to have the requisite knowledge and skills base to become a prospective Foreman.

Apprenticeship skills taught include preparation, painting, logical project approach, understanding specifications, scrumble glaze and broken colour work, oil gilding (early levels), fine sable painting (early levels), marbelling (early levels), graining (early levels), stencilling (early levels), conservation (basic).

Hare and Humphreys Scholarships and Improverships

Scholarships and Improverships provide ongoing training for our employees. Their development is ensured through support with work-based training and a college based course consisting of advanced techniques in conservation, furniture decoration and art. We also support our staff through professional qualifications where relevant.

All employees are consulted about their professional aspirations and interests during the review process, and are actively encouraged to augment their individual achievements through education programmes.

Hare & Humphreys is an equal opportunities employer.