Paper Hanging

The range and scope of this service can vary tremendously – from hanging lining paper, to hanging hand-painted, bespoke papers of considerable value and delicate construction.

Silks, grass cloth, metallic, Chinoiserie and murals painted onto cloth; as well as hand blocked and printed papers are all complex and difficult to hang. There is little or no margin for error, because in most cases the fabrics or papers have been produced for a specific project, are unique and expensive.

Professional paper hanging is a highly skilled task requiring both technical measurement and attention to detail. The placement of joints by careful measurement, together with the planning of drops, accurate cutting and the use of the most effective and appropriate adhesives, are all fundamental to a successful scheme. If our client invests thousands of pounds in a hand-made paper or unique mural, then it is critical that we get it right first time!

Many clients will confirm that H & H craftsmen are extremely trustworthy when hanging any type of paper or fabric.

We are also skilled in hanging wall murals, which utilise the same wallpaper hanging skills, to perfection. In an interesting development the company was invited to hang the work of the artist Julian Opie. This is an excellent example of how a very traditional technique can find a use in a contemporary setting.

You many also be interested to see our fabric walling section.


  • Paper-backed silk, country residence
  • Stretched silk, country residence
  • Handmade wool flock wallpaper, Strangers Dining Room, Houses of Parliament
  • Handmade paper, country residence
  • Paper backed silk hung at a London residence
  • Paper backed silk hung at a London residence