The use of professional graining techniques can be more cost effective than replacement with original softwood or expensive hardwoods in decorative fittings, fixtures, furniture or objects.

This technique involves hand-painting an imitation of wood, which can be an exact copy of an exotic hardwood such as mahogany or rosewood and very difficult to tell from the real thing, or a recreation of an earlier naive style of graining from previous centuries. Flogging, and combing are two colourfully named techniques used for graining. Picking up the knots in pine, the twists and turns of the grain, the feathering of mahogany, and the creation of rich faux bois with five over-glazes, are all part of this exacting craft synonymous with Hare and Humphreys.

Our accomplished craftsman will create grains which are indistinguishable from genuine timber; so precise is their feeling for the flow of the wood. They can copy any natural wood and pay particular attention to the reality of the object’s construction, particularly the graining of joints on objects or walls. Faux marquetry is also possible in combination with gilding, on wall panels and furniture.

  • Mahogany graining and lacquer to lift doors, London Residence
  • Graining at private house, Essex
  • Graining at private house, Surrey
  • Creating a graining sample at H&H workshop
  • Two artists graining a column
  • Graining at a government property