This is the reintroduction of an historic decorative scheme that has been lost to view. We have carried out the restoration of many schemes of historic importance, such as the restoration of the Greek-revival painted Entrance Hall at the British Museum.

Each scheme may involve preserving some elements of the decoration that is evident, restoring other areas and reintroducing elements, or parts of the scheme, that have been completely lost. We have an in-house facility for architectural paint research, and also carry out uncoverings and colour-matching.

Hare and Humphreys will often restore the design and colour of the decoration in an authentic way, using traditional materials and methods, to replicate both the appearance and feel of the original exactly. We will always ensure that there is no damage to the existing scheme and will carry out research prior to repainting. We are also continuously developing the use of modern techniques and materials such as CAD-drawn stencils and acrylic paints, which are used in specific projects.

  • Restoration of decorative scheme at St Pancras Hotel
  • Reinstatement of scheme in the Entrance Hall of the British Museum
  • Reinstating Daniel Cottier Scheme at Dowanhill Church, Glasgow
  • Scheme for the Grosvenor Hotel
  • Restoration of scheme at Bear Garden, The Royal Courts of Justice
  • Research into historic scheme at a government property