Historic Interiors

At Hare and Humphreys we believe that the care of historic interiors is a specialised discipline, requiring detailed knowledge of all the elements of the interior, as well as the materials and the techniques involved in making and restoring them.

The scheme to be conserved could comprise many different materials, such as paint, timber, stone, plaster, gilding, and upholstery. It also involves a multitude of specialist trades including decorating, fine art, french polishing, joinery, fibrous plastering, and many others.

Our holistic view of the historic interior comes from our deep understanding of how the scheme can be best presented or recreated. Knowledge of architectural elements and materials enables our staff to ensure that each element has the unique treatment that is required. We have refined this through decades of work in Grade I listed interiors, research and development, and the sponsorship of our staff through arts and architectural training.

Hare & Humphreys specialises in employing multi-disciplined teams of site based tradespeople and professionals who are able to work effectively in the environment they are conserving. Our approach means that programming and scheduling of works, as well as management of the teams on site, must be appropriate and sequential. Because our conservation teams are very experienced in on-site work we are able to carry out most treatments in-situ. This helps preserve the integrity of the interior, reduces damage of the building fabric, and has significant benefits on cost and programme.


  • Little Oratory, Brompton Oratory
  • Art Deco scheme at the Apollo Theatre, London
  • Government building
  • Grimsthorpe castle
  • Spencer House
  • The National Gallery
  • Society of Antiquaries
  • Spencer House
  • Norfolk House Music Room