Furniture & Objects

Within our London studio we are able to carry out very diverse, highly specialised conservation and restoration work on smaller freestanding items such as furniture, statues, screens, weather vanes and clocks.

The work includes repair of woodwork and carved adornments, cleaning and repair of metal and filigree and the restoration of painted and papier mache. A full upholders service is provided for stuffed furniture, from re-covering in new fabrics, to the full traditional repair, upholstery and re-covering.

We are also asked to create new painted finishes and artwork for bespoke furniture. Projects have ranged from matching other pieces, such as hand painted designs, to the creation of a full thirteenth-century set of Royal furniture which was installed at the Great Tower, Dover Castle. This work is often commissioned as part of a complete room scheme, which may involve painted decoration, lacquer work, water or oil gilding and french polishing.

  • Sculpture restoration at a government property
  • Traditional upholstery service
  • Conservation of the Astronomical Clock, Hampton Court Palace