Conservation Surveys

Decorative conservation surveys can be carried out as a pre-tender service and independent of site based work if required. Alternatively they can form the first phase of a contract, to ascertain the condition of the materials and features within the building and to inform the final conservation plan.

Before Hare & Humphreys carry out any practical work we will complete a condition survey, together with investigative work, to ascertain the condition and historical significance of decorative features and materials that comprise the project. We have a fully equiped laboratory in order to study decorative surfaces and can carry out detailed historic paint analysis in this facility.

The conservation proposal is usually carried out in conjunction with on-site trials, in order to devise an appropriate treatment regime and provide the client with more information. This culminates in a fully detailed programme of works and budgets, before work goes ahead. It can be very cost efficient as the vital information is gained prior to the start of the project.

A Conservation report is completed after the works are carried out in order to record the treatments that have been applied. This documentation serves as an ongoing historical archive and provides advice about maintenance of the decoration in the future.