Building Conservation

Hare & Humphreys carry out the conservation and repair of many types of building fabric, all of which require specialist techniques.

Projects are led by our management team working with highly talented individuals to conserve all aspects of an interior scheme. Our control ensures that the quality, programming and execution of the work is carried out to the highest standards. This is a significant part of the Hare and Humphreys’ business and we have two members of staff qualified in Building Conservation (AA).

We always look to clean and consolidate materials wherever possible and carry out trials and sample analysis to inform and confirm a conservation proposal, before we take any action. A full Conservation Report is prepared on completion of the works to ensure that documentation is made available for future reference. This approach, combined with continually updating and refreshing techniques, means that we offer quality repair of the following materials:

Lime and Gypsum Plaster Conservation

Hare and Humphreys can carry out major repairs or replacement of laths as well as consolidating loose plaster and recasting missing elements. We are experienced in the treatment of historic plaster with delicate decorative surfaces, which need to be very carefully repaired.

Timber Conservation

Our work with decorative timber often requires us to match in new, specially sourced timbers; to restore or repair carved decoration or losses, and to polish, repaint or gild the timber surfaces.


This is a rare technique in the UK with few experts in the field. However, through working in large scale Church restoration projects, we have developed our own unique methods of cleaning and restoring interior sgraffito.


This is traditionally a very difficult material to repair and match colours. Hare and Humphreys offer scaglioia repair, cleaning and repolishing services for this delicate plaster material.


  • Repair of a Scagliola Column
  • Grimsthorpe Castle
  • Aspreys, Piccadilly
  • Plaster repairs in progress
  • Cleaning and restoration of faience at the Grosvenor Hotel, London
  • Conserving decorative scheme at Hatfield House
  • Cleaning scagliola and marble at 74 St James's
  • Colour mixing during scagliola repairs
  • Restoration of original lined walls
  • Restoration of scagliola column
  • Repair of composition mouldings
  • Cleaning of historic carving
  • New carving added to historic mouldings