Ceiling at the British Galleries, V&A Museum

Hare & Humphreys projects cover multiple sectors from large scale government, institutional or ecclesiastical clients; through to large residences or buildings of historical interest or significance.

Our ability to design and create large scale, bespoke projects with high dramatic impact, through to something altogether more personal and smaller scale, means that our work has wide appeal and is appropriate for many situations.
The Hare & Humphreys team are highly experienced in realising the schemes developed by professional designers and architects; but we can also provide design input and conceptual work for projects as well.

Many clients find that they come to value the H&H team’s flexibility to work closely with them in order to create their bespoke projects; but also to organically and intuitively enhance those projects as they progress and are becoming reality.

  • A plain painted and gilt scheme at a London residence


    We renovate entire properties or just individual, fine rooms, offering decorative solutions, bespoke design and fine painting.

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  • Ceiling at the British Galleries, V&A Museum

    Public Buildings

    We carry out extensive projects on theatres, galleries, local and national government buildings, royal palaces and monuments.

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  • Ecclesiastical Buildings

    H&H are world experts in this field and have worked on a huge variety of churches and cathedrals.

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  • Kuwait


    H&H will work worldwide utilising our own key, UK staff and materials suppliers to fulfil our contracts.

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  • Hampton Court Palace

    Historic Buildings

    H&H are major exponents on this sector with staff used to working under the extra demands imposed by Listed Building Consent regs.

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  • Private apartment, Covent Garden, London

    Contemporary Clients

    The H&H team can produce many special contemporary effects for leading interior designers, galleries and private clients alike.

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