Reviews of Cafe Royal Hit the Press

Posted on Tuesday 27 November 2012

The Cafe Royal has received great attention in the press as the opening draws near. During 2012 Hare & Humphreys have been decorating, conserving paintings and applying nearly 6000 books of gold to restore the interiors to their former glory.

Sat at the epicentre of Londons Picadilly Circus, Cafe Royal has an illustrious history and famous guest list. At the end of this year it re-opens following four years of restoration.

Hare and Humphreys were commissioned to carry out the full restoration and decoration of the historic interiors, restauraunts and suites. A team of up to 30 decorators, French Polishers and conservators have been working through the year to re-create the original schemes. The finishes include fine stipple effects, picking out, and extensive amounts of gilding. In the Grill Room alone, nearly 2,500 books of gold were used! 

Over one hundred oil paintings were cleaned and conserved, bringing back details which had been lost for many years under thick and darkened varnish, and now they show the full dramatic cycle of the Love of the Gods.

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