Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace

Posted on Tuesday 16 July 2013

As proud Royal Warrant holders, Hare and Humphreys directors and team members were in attendance at HM the Queens Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace 11 - 14 July 2013. During this beautiful summer period over 60,000 distinguished guests and members of the public attended the daytime festival and evening gala performances.

The Hare & Humphreys stand was titled "The Parlour, a room suitable for town or country homes". The acclaimed design team of H&H stepped away from the anticipated "gilt and glory" for which they have become synonymous to create an understated panelled room of elegance. If transforming the plain grey emulsion walls with off-white trompe l'oeil panelling was a delight to witness, the faux marbleised timber skirting into the exotic style known as "Opera fantastico" was a show stopper.

As works continued throughout the festival on-lookers described the transformation of the MDF built room as "staggering", "British skills at its best", "arts and crafts triumphant". Many spectators wanted to touch the surfaces and feel the flat artwork that their eyes could not accept were otherwise moulded.

The following statement was received from Hare & Humphreys;

"The directors would like to offer their sincerest appreciation to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth for allowing the Palace grounds to be used for this wonderful event. We would also like to thank the Royal Warrant Holders Association for allowing H&H this very privileged opportunity".