Construction of the Festival Stand Begins

Posted on Wednesday 08 May 2013

Hare and Humphreys begin work on our stand for the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace

Hare and Humphreys are not only decorating, but also designing and building our own stand to bring to the Coronation Festival this summer. The stand is being constructed at the company’s London workshop, ready to be transformed in its finished state once in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.  It has been designed in sections, which slot together to form a complete shell and so far incorporates skirting boards, chair rail, panelling and cornice. 

Though the process of stand design has been relatively straightforward, the decorative design process is, in contrast, under a constant and evolving discussion; having worked on such varied and striking projects over the years, it’s proved difficult to decide on one final scheme to showcase all of the talent and ability of the company and our staff.   But design difficulty aside, we have been presented with a great opportunity to combine the very best bits of our job in one project and we’ll be posting again to show our progress once we’ve decided on just what we’ll do.

Dean Farley
Project Manager

Details about the Festival can be found in our earlier Press Release