Ellen Stone awarded H&H apprenticeship

Posted on Friday 03 October 2014

Interview with Ellen Stone 5th March 2015

1. How did you hear of Hare & Humphreys?

“I found Hare and Humphreys whilst searching online, looking for the type of company that I wanted to work for and the work I could progress my skills with. I showed my tutor at college, he agreed and confirmed that H&H had trained another apprentice he knew of….that really made my mind up”.

2. How did it feel when you were offered the role?

“I was over the moon when I was told I had been awarded the apprenticeship. I had set myself the goal to work for H&H and I knew it was the only company I wanted to work for”.

3. What has been your most challenging task?

The Belgravia project I am currently working on is my most challenging task to date. The standards of sizing and gilding have to be absolutely perfect. It's a skill I am still developing with the help of my foreman over-seeing the works.. It is very difficult and precise work, but I am learning very quickly” !

4. What has been your favourite project to date?

“I have only worked on 4 projects so far for H&H, but my favourite to date would have to be the Russian Orthodox Cathedral. It was a job that needed and taught so many different skills. One day I would be washing down a huge ceiling and the next I would be working alongside the foreman gilder laying gold leaf!!! ...I loved the variety”.

5. What do your friends and family think about you being an apprentice?

“My Mum and Dad were really proud that I got an apprenticeship with Hare & Humphreys and still are. They knew how much I wanted the position and how much of an achievement it was for me to finally get the job”.

6. What advice would you give to other young people considering an apprenticeship?

“I would highly recommend apprenticeships to other young people because it's a great way to learn and develop whilst earning a wage… and as in my case, it can of course lead to full-time employment. I also feel it gives you confidence and the independence at home a young person needs”.

7. What are your hobbies - past-time fun things / favourite musicians / places / trends?

“I played football from the age of 6 until I was 16. I played for local teams and then at 15 played for The Middlesex Centre of Excellence. I also did kickboxing for a while before choosing to focus more time on football. I support West Ham United and I enjoy going to watch a few matches each season.
I like bands and one of my current favourites is the indie-rock band "The 1975"."