Colour Consultancy

Hare & Humphreys has been working with colour, and advising about use of colour, in historic building interiors for over 30 years and it is the essence of what we do.

By building up an extensive knowledge about colour usage and historic decoration, we can provide detailed advice to people about traditional and contemporary interiors. This advice can include designing complete colour schemes to create specific aesthetic effects for single or suites of rooms, or for an entire building.

Implementation of the agreed schemes can then be augmented by the provision of hand mixing of colours on site if required. This can include the development of bespoke colours and colour palettes for clients’ interiors. We advise colours to be used based on light, function of the space, sequence of colour, historic colours and of course personal taste.

We often rely on our craftsmen to expertly mix colours by hand, but also regularly use spectrometers and scanners to work with manufactured paints. We have contacts within the main paint manufacturers and sometimes work with them to develop bespoke orders. We can assist with the specification of colours for larger projects and in some buildings we also assist our clients with matching and rationalising colours for maintenance programmes.